Visitors At This Safari Got To Witness A Rare Rhino Birth On One Fine Afternoon

by Grace Eire
Grace plays in a band and is the mother to a black cat named Fitzhugh.

The miracle of life is just that: a miracle.

When wild animals give birth, the baby has to learn to be mobile pretty much immediately.

If animals out in the rainforest, the desert, or the wooded wilderness weren’t able to get onto their feet right away, they’d be in great danger. Even though I know this fact, I’m still in shock and awe whenever I see a newborn wild animal try to get up on their feet while they’ve hardly broken free from Mom’s umbilical cord. Nature truly is amazing, isn’t it?

It’s not often that you get to witness it firsthand, but some lucky visitors at Lion County Safari in Florida got this rare gift.

Usually, rhinos give birth under the blanket of night. For this reason, not many people get to see this particular animal bring life into the world. However, this mother, named Bloom, did not follow that general rule. After a 16-month gestation period, Bloom was ready to have her third baby.

When nature calls, you’ve got to listen!

Rhinos gain about 1,000 pounds each year during the first three years of their lives. But when little Blossom was born, she was just a small fraction of that. Wait until you see her efforts to use those wonky legs. Very different from Mama’s belly!

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