She Has Strange Brownish Line On Finger For Years. Then Doctor Says It’s A Sign Of Grave Danger

by Barbara Diamond
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While small markings and white spots on our fingernails nails can signify vitamin deficiencies and thyroid issues, noticeable changes to the area under our nails can indicate something much more serious.

For years, Julie had a light brown line across one of her finger nails, but the streak eventually grew darker and wider in the middle. That’s when Julie sought out a professional. “Just like you have moles on your skin you can have a mole on your nail matrix which is where the nail grows from,” nail specialist Dr. Dana Stern told CBS.

Julie was diagnosed with nail cancer, which could potentially have taken her life. Doctors completely removed the nail on her index finger.

According to CBS, the thumb, big toe, and index finger nail are the most common nails to be affected. Some warning signs include a very dark stripe or streak, a stripe or streak with blurred borders, or changes in an existing stripe or streak.

Early detection is always key, so it’s important to be vigilant if you see something strange under your nail. While most discolored or striped nails do not signify cancer, it’s something that a dermatologist should check.

Watch the video below to see what Julie’s nail looked like before she was diagnosed.

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