Photographer Celebrates Infants By Turning Them Into Works Of Art

by Laura Caseley
Laura is a writer, illustrator, and artist living in New York City.

Anyone with a baby can tell you how amazing they are, almost like little works of art themselves with their teeny-weeny fingers and toes.

And for most people, the best way to celebrate the new arrival is with photos, commemorating the baby’s first days in the big world.

Baby photoshoots are everywhere these days, and have become such a part of our society that people are even parodying how predictable they’ve become, like the comedian couple who celebrated their new arrival — a burrito.

But Texas-based photographer Lindsay Walden is using her talents to create beautiful, memorable baby photos that are both strikingly different than your average family shot and super-cute.

Her photos incorporate newborns into recreations of famous paintings. Walden creates the paintings on the floor using dyed wool and yarn, making a soft, cozy version of a van Gogh or a Monet painting.

The babies are then artfully placed, dressed in matching swaddles and accessories.

And they’re really perfect additions. Take a look at some of the photos she’s taken of these “newborn masterpieces,” as she calls them, and you might get some ideas for the next family portrait!

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To celebrate families’ new arrivals in real style, photographer Lindsay Walden creates these bright, colorful backdrops of famous paintings using wool and yarn. It’s like the cuddliest art ever!

Impressionist paintings like van Gogh’s translate well into yarn, and the babies are wrapped up in corresponding colors so they can become part of these masterpieces.

The bright colors and unusual setting, and of course the adorable subjects, make for some seriously memorable and unique baby photos.

Walden got the idea after a trip to an art museum, when she began to wonder if she could combine her love of fine art with her love of newborn photography. And as you can see, she can!

She’s also not afraid to take on paintings that you might not associate with babies, exactly (like The Scream), which results in a photo that’s not only adorable, but also quite funny!

Walden says that the only thing that could make this shot better is if the baby was yawning.

And the babies, on their soft, artsy beds, are more than happy to partake in the photos.

Often, Walden photographs her own children, and she also grew up with a photographer for a mom, so her passion for the medium is deep-rooted, and she might just pass it on, too!

Walden seeks to show more than just the obvious in her photos, finding the deeper personalities in her subjects, who are mainly babies, children, and mothers, and showing the world what amazing people they are.

And when she’s not creating woolly versions of paintings, she’s capturing babies at their cutest in photos that are a little more traditional, but no less gorgeous and beautifully arranged.

By her own admission, Walden has an enormous collection of props that she brings on shoots to create the perfect setting for each baby. She also often has her family help out for shoots, too, making them collaborative pieces where everyone pitches in.

You can see more of Walden’s work on her website, and be sure to check out her blog for some behind-the-scenes stories about her shoots.

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