Woman Who Wears 32DDD Bra Says Breasts Are Causing All Her Back Pain

by Kristin Avery
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Lindsey Pelas has over 6.8 million followers on Instagram. An actress and a model, she believes the main reason she has so many followers is the size of her breasts. The beautiful 26-year-old is a 32DDD, and her breasts are all natural.

While her voluptuous body has made her famous, Lindsey says having big breasts is not all it’s cracked up to be. Her breasts weigh 11 pounds, which is a lot of extra weight for the otherwise petite model to carry. She suffers from chronic back pain and wonders if it is related to her breast size.

Lindsey contacted the Emmy award-winning daytime talk show The Doctors for help. They sent her to orthopedic surgeon Dr. Hooman Melamed in hopes of determining the root cause of her back pain. Dr. Melamed examined her and also performed an MRI and X-rays, which revealed no structural problems.

Lindsey and Dr. Melamed then visited The Doctors to discuss the findings.

Dr. Melamed said he believes her back pain is a result of standing for long periods of time, traveling, and modeling.

Dr. Travis also pointed out that Lindsey slouches. Lindsey admitted she is naturally prone to slouching and needs to work on sitting up straight.

Whether you are an Instagram star or an average person, back health is vital. It is always important to stretch, change positions throughout the day, and work on strengthening core and back muscles.

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