Strange Limestone Boulder Conceals Gorgeous And Cozy Southwestern Home

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

For some people, a standard-looking living space just won’t do!

Contractors and homeowners around the globe have constructed some pretty interesting houses, that definitely don’t look anything like their normal, shingled counterparts.

Some houses sit precariously on cliffs, others are made to look like shapes, animals, or household objects.

Some even look like they were pulled straight out of a fairytale land like this super tall stacked home in Alaska.

But this Lamy, New Mexico home on the market is definitely up there with one of the more wonderfully peculiar homes that we’ve seen—because you would never know that it was there!

Cleverly concealed among its limestone surroundings, the home looks like it would be dark and cavernous inside the stone venire.

But you won’t believe its interior until you see it for yourself—check below to see more photos of the space and learn about its many fabulous features!

[H/T: Country Living]

There is a beautiful property in Lamy, New Mexico for sale—but can you spot where it is among all this limestone?

The 2,400-square-foot house, built in 1987, is actually cleverly built inside a facade to mimic its stone surroundings.

It’s barely visible among all of the surrounding rock, but its interior is far from dark and cavernous.

It’s actually beautiful and bright; you would never guess that it is surrounded by rock outside!

It’s also pretty spacious with a whimsical master bedroom and two sleeping lofts for guests who want to experience what it’s like to live in a rock.

All the rooms, which include a cute kitchen, a cozy living room, and a studio space are dripping with southwest charm.

The pseudo-adobe walls, the ceilings, and the strategically-placed cow skulls are all very consistent with New Mexican style.

The living room is cute but expensive, and homeowners will be able to enjoy the warm fireplace in the winter.

But the most impressive aspect of the house, second only to its intriguing exterior, is its amazing views.

The beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows create a frame for the stunning New Mexico mountains; it is also a great place to watch for meteor showers!

Homeowners and guests will feel like they are literally part of the land, taking in the amazing scenery while secluded inside their own little rock formation.

So if you love the outdoors, southwestern charm, stargazing at night, and—yes—a lot of privacy, this rock formation house is definitely the answer.

If you want to daydream about this little hideaway even more, check out the rest of its photos and information here.

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