She Becomes A Living Christmas Tree Angel With This Stunning Light-Up Dress

by Elissa Salamy
Elissa is a writer from Philadelphia, currently studying Spanish in Buenos Aires, Argentina! She likes foreign movies with subtitles, fancy soap, loose leaf tea and punk rock.

We all have Christmas traditions and decorations that we remember from when we were young that help to put is in the true Christmas spirit.

For me, Christmas presents like American Girl Dolls and Beanie Babies brings me back to opening up presents under the tree as a little girl.

For DIYer Angela Clayton, she gets the most nostalgic over an angel that her family used to have for their tree when she was growing up on Long Island, NY.

What she most remembers? Its ivory dress trimmed with gold, and sparkling lights to make her glow. 

Inspired by the memory of this angel, she decided to get creative and fashion a full-sized dress after it — complete with tulle and gold accents and plenty of gorgeous twinkling lights!

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Angela started out by sketching out the idea for her creation, a gown with a gathered tulle bodice and a braided trim with an almost medieval feel to it.

She wanted the skirt to light up, and to do that she used LED lights and rechargeable batteries.

To get started, Angela created a basic circle skirt as the base for her dress.

To the skirt, she added a gold wreath mesh to the hem to help support the skirt under the weight of all the things she planned on adding.

Angela added gold garland and poinsettias to the hem of the skirt, using six sticks of hot glue to make sure it held in place.

Look how gorgeous it’s starting to look on the dress form!

Angela then started adding the LED lights to the hem of the skirt.

As she layered the lights and flowers, the magical dress began to take shape!

A small gold ribbon around the waste hid any sewing messes and gave the whole skirt a more finished look.

Next, she began on the matching ivory bodice. She used boning and grommets to lace the bodice together.

Angela then added a glittery ornament to the bodice. She made this detachable in case she decides she wants her costume to look more simple.

She then sewed the bodice onto her completed skirt, and covered the seam with a few pieces of tulle to make it look more finished.

With a golden crown on top, her costume was complete!

Angela had wanted to make a new crown with candles, but realized that they would be difficult to keep lit and decided to reuse a crown from last Christmas.

Look how gorgeous her creation looks in this Christmas tree farm in the snow!

The gold of the flowers on the hem really highlight the strings of lights in the skirt of the dress.

Such an absolutely gorgeous Christmas creation by Angela Clayton!

Be sure to watch the video below to see her dazzling dress in action — and visit her Tumblr to see more of her gorgeous work!

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