10 Everyday Life Hacks Only Nurses Know About

by Cassandra Morris
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As someone who comes from a long line of CNAs, RNs, and EMTs, I definitely take the advice of medical professionals very seriously.

But it’s not just because I respect their hard work, kind hearts, and strong stomachs (though I very much do!) — I take their medical advice seriously because, given all they see and do, these are the people who probably know best.

That’s why I was thrilled when I came across these incredible life hacks! Though I’ve seen a lot of amazing tips and tricks before, this is the first time I’ve ever seen life hacks from nurses — and some of them are absolutely brilliant!

At first I thought most of these would be medical tips, but as it turns out, these life hacks aren’t limited to hospitals and bedsides. These tricks would come in handy in many everyday situations, and I definitely plan on trying some of these out.

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Nursing Hack 1: Absorb Odors with Old Coffee Grounds

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Struggling with a powerful odor? When air fresheners just won’t cut it, grab some old coffee grounds. After brewing a pot of coffee, dump the grounds in a bowl and place it in the center of the room; before you know it, the smell will dissipate. Coffee grounds are also effective in freshening old containers.

Nursing Hack 2: Remove Tough Stains with Hydrogen Peroxide

nurse hacks tips and tricks

When you have a deep, stubborn stain — specifically blood, wine, or grease — pour some hydrogen peroxide onto a cloth and dab. Hydrogen peroxide is also effective in cleaning up spills and preventing stains from setting in.

Nursing Hack 3: Staunch Bleeding with Tampons and Sanitary Napkins

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If you’re experiencing a nose bleed, grab a tampon, cut it in half, and gently insert it into your nose — but not too deep! The tampon will absorb the blood, sparing your clothes or carpet from stains. To stop an open wound from bleeding, hold an open sanitary napkin against your injury to help staunch the flow.

Nursing Hack 4: Block Odors with Mentholated Scents

nurse hacks tips and tricks

If you are working in a stinky room or area, grab some toothpaste or mentholated ointment and smear a bit beneath your nose. If you have face masks around, take two and smear a layer of toothpaste or mentholated ointment between them; place the masks on your face to effectively filter the smell.

Nursing Hack 5: Clean Dried-On Messes with Lubricant Gel

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When dealing with a stuck-on mess — think dried blood or paint — grab some personal lubricant gel. Coat the dried mess with the gel, then gently rub. The substance should loosen very easily, and you’ll be able to clean it without any difficulty.

Nursing Hack 6: Calm Someone Down by Asking Them to Fold

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To calm someone who is anxious or upset, ask them to fold a stack of laundry — preferably something simple like towels or washcloths. The action will give them a sense of purpose, while distracting them and helping to calm their nerves.

Nursing Hack 7: Replace Salt with Lemon Juice

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If you or someone you know has been placed on a no-salt diet, and now your palette is yearning for flavor, reach for a lemon! It’s an all-natural, heart-healthy way to put some pizazz back in your food — while sticking to your doctor’s guidelines.

Nursing Hack 8: Untangle Matted Hair with Rubbing Alcohol

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Battling sticky, tangled, or matted hair? Sprinkle some rubbing alcohol on the affected area. This will help to dissolve any substances and untangle knots. Holding the hair (so as to not tug the scalp), gently comb the rubbing alcohol through the hair. Soon, it should loosen up.

Nursing Hack 9: Seal Shallow Cuts with Superglue

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Have a small cut but no bandages around? Superglue is perfect in a pinch. Apply a small amount to your minor cut or scratch to help seal and protect the injury. (However, if your cut is deep or severe, always seek medical attention.)

Nursing Hack 10: Clean Sticky Messes with Shaving Cream

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Is your skin covered in something icky and sticky? Before trying to wipe it off, grab a can of shaving cream. The cream will work like a lotion, helping to loosen and remove the sticky substance. Use wipes to completely remove the residue and cream.

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