Tween Thinks Tattered American Flags Are ‘Not Acceptable,’ So He Replaces Them For Free

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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I tend not to notice if the American flags flying above people’s homes are in good condition.

After 12-year-old Liam Willcox of Moline, Illinois, learned about flag etiquette in school, he started noticing that many of the flags in his neighborhood were falling apart.

After years of blowing in the wind and withstanding severe weather, a flag can take a serious beating. It’s pretty common for American flags to fray at the edges, coming apart along the seams that separate the colored stripes.

Liam said, “I saw a bunch of ripped-up flags, and it wasn’t right.” That’s when he took some action.

Liam decided to start his own group dedicated to replacing tattered flags. He calls it the Flag Restoration Project.

Liam writes letters to local businesses and veteran groups, asking if any can donate flags for his project. So far, he’s collected 18.

For Liam, this project is a way to show respect for everything the American flag represents.

This is important to Liam — but it’s also important to the people he’s helping out, many of whom are veterans.

You can learn more about Liam’s project, donate a flag, or report a place in Moline that needs a new flag here.

Check out the video below to hear what some local veterans have to say about Liam’s selfless project, and please SHARE this young boy’s inspiring actions on Facebook!

Footage provided by WQAD Quad Cities

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