Mom Looks Closer At Son On His 13th Birthday And Learns His ‘Friends’ Have Been Making Him Sick

by Amy Paige
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When Deirdre’s son Liam entered the seventh grade, he was an active and social boy. He loved hanging out with his friends, playing soccer, and inhaling as much food as possible.

Then one day, out of the blue, Liam told Deirdre he no longer wanted his cellphone. He didn’t offer an explanation, so she just brushed it off and stowed it away.

But then Liam stopped riding his bike with friends. He was no longer interested in soccer, and he was eating less and less, to the point of starvation.

When Liam barely touched his food during his 13th birthday party, Deirdre and the rest of the family confirmed it: The once happy, growing boy was turning into skin and bones.

Then came the bruises.

“I was determined to get to the bottom of my son’s sudden and severe dismissal of his former passions, but he was so secretive and closed off,” Deirdre wrote in an article for The Well. “Finally, one Monday morning when he refused to go to school, I knew it was time to make it happen. I sat him down at the kitchen table and pleaded with him to share what was going on.”

That’s when Liam finally revealed the truth about what was happening at school. Suddenly, Liam’s concerning and uncharacteristic behaviors made sense — though Deirdre’s heart was completely broken.

Thus began a rigorous regime of hospital trips, medical treatments, and intensive therapy.

Overwhelmed and feeling lost and alone, Deirdre decided to share her story on social media. To her amazement, it went viral, and the response helped her and her family begin to put the pieces back together.

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