Mom Places Son For Adoption. 71 Years Later, He Meets The Brother He Never Knew He Had

by Mauricio Castillo
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The story of Lewis Crawford and Al Gregaitis spans more than seven decades. Until recently, the brothers had never met one another. In fact, Lewis didn’t even know Al existed.

“Mom never talked about it,” Al said.

You see, Al knew he had a brother. He just had no idea what had become of him.

Al and Lewis have the same mom but different dads. Their mom got pregnant with Lewis while her husband — Al’s dad — served in Germany during World War II.

Ultimately, after Lewis was born, his mom decided to place him for adoption.

Al never got to meet Lewis.

Shockingly, the brothers grew up just a few miles apart! The chances of them encountering each other throughout their lives was very high, but they could have never known they were related.

In fact, his birth certificate served as the only clue to another life: it read “Baby Gregaitis.”

71 years after his brother had been adopted, Al received a message from a woman.

“She asked me if I have a brother or a relative that had been adopted at childbirth,” he said. The reply: “We did find a birth certificate that said ‘Baby Gregaitis.'”

The woman messaging was Lewis Crawford’s daughter.

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