Son Plays Outside, Then Mom Gets Angry Note Saying He Should Be ‘Euthanized’

by Emerald Pellot
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It’s a horror no parent wants to face. One day, 13-year-old Max Begley went out to play in the backyard of his grandmother’s house.

His parents, James and Karla Begley, allow him to visit his grandmother about four times a week.

Karla has multiple sclerosis and Max has severe autism, and his grandmother’s extra help is much needed for the family. All the more reason why the family was heartbroken when they received a letter from his grandmother’s anonymous neighbor.

The contents are too disturbing to share in full. The letter that was signed, “One pissed off mother,” told the family to move to a trailer in the woods, called Max a wild animal, referred to him with the offensive R-word, and said that Max should be euthanized and have his body parts donated to science.

“Who the hell is going to care for him? No employer will ever hire him, no normal girl is going to marry/love him, and you are not going to live forever! Personally, they should take whatever non-r****ed body parts he possesses and donate it to science. What the hell else good is he to anyone! Do the right thing and move or euthanize him! Either way, we are all better off,” the letter read.

“I was shaking when I was reading it,” Brenda Millson, Max’s grandmother, said. “It’s awful words. You don’t know why somebody would ever do such a thing.”

Karla was brought to tears that someone would ever say such things about her son. However, there is good news. While one person in the community chose to make hateful comments, most everyone else has rallied in support around Max.

Neighbors cheered him on as he plays outside to show that there isn’t a single thing wrong with a kid making a few noises out of happiness.

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