Teen Gets Kicked Out Of Graduation For His Pants, Then Stranger Says To Switch With His Son

by Jess Butler
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On graduation day we celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of those moving on to the next step in life.

When Leroy Solis Jr. was all ready to graduate from high school, a couple of things got in his way — a pair of slacks and a new tie.

According to Yahoo, Leroy’s graduation dress code consisted of a dress shirt, slacks, and a tie. Leroy didn’t want to bother his hardworking single dad for money to buy an outfit he would probably only wear once. Instead, he wore a dress shirt he already owned, no tie, and jeans, hoping it would be OK.

Unfortunately, his principal told him he wouldn’t be able to walk in graduation because he wasn’t abiding by the rules.

Then Leroy met a stranger and his son in the parking lot. They ended up saving his entire graduation experience within three minutes, the small amount of time Leroy had until it was time to walk.

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Leroy in his cap and gown.

This is Leroy. The high school student was dressed up in his cap and gown, ready to graduate. However, his graduation day didn’t pan out exactly like he thought it would.

Jeans are not for this graduation.

Leroy’s graduation had a dress code, but it would have cost his father money, Yahoo reports. He didn’t want his dad to spend money on an outfit he would wear once, so he dressed with what he had. Leroy wore a dress shirt and jeans — no slacks and no tie.

Unfortunately, this attire got him kicked out by the principal. While his classmates started to line up, Leroy headed out to the parking lot.

A stranger helps Leroy during graduation.

There, he found a man and his son by their vehicle. Leroy explained his situation to them after seeing the stranger’s son had slacks on. Even though they were different sizes, the young man said he would make the switch.

Realizing that Leroy only had three minutes until it was time to line up, the young man’s father told him, “Get in our truck and switch out pants.”

Leroy buys a tie for graduation.

After the clothing swap, Leroy was almost ready. According to Yahoo, Leroy was able to find someone selling ties outside for $10. Once he completed his look, it was time to walk with his classmates!

A comment about Leroy's graduation saviors.

Leroy’s sister, Rosemary De Los Santos, shared the story on Facebook. Ever since then, the young man who traded pants with Leroy, as well as his father, have received a ton of praise.

Rosemary wrote in her Facebook post:

To the guy who loan my brother his slacks yesterday to graduate THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I got emotional today when my brother told me he showed up to his graduation in jeans. The school Principal told him he wasn’t crossing the stage and sent him home. He had 3 minutes to line up. My brother walked back to his car and came across a young man his height and size. My brother proceeded to explain that he needed slacks to walk the stage and without any hesitation this kind young man said YES. The young man and his dad said “get in our truck and switch out pants.” Then they told him “go cross the stage.” ((Tears)) THANK YOU THANKYOU!! Please share this post. I want I find out who these very kind and generous people are. McArthur graduation on 06/07/2017.

A thank you from someone on Facebook.

People can’t stop congratulating Leroy on his graduation, nor can they stop acknowledging the kind deed that occurred that day.

A comment about the graduation.

It’s clear the strangers’ generosity made a difference in Leroy’s life and has continued to make a difference in the lives of others who weren’t even there.

Leroy and his kind stranger who saved graduation.

Together, this kind stranger and his son saved Leroy’s graduation and allowed him to make his family proud during the big ceremony.

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