Night-Vision Camera Captures Mama Leopard Freeing Her 3 Missing Cubs From Underneath Basket

by Mauricio Castillo
Mauricio has been writing for 11 years and is deeply into movies, sports and anything funny.

A trio of 3-week-old leopard cubs was found seemingly abandoned on a sugarcane plantation in Maharashtra, India.

A farmer found the cubs — one boy and two girls — and quickly looked around to see if he could spot their mom.

With the mama leopard nowhere in sight, the farmer alerted forest officials, who, upon hearing about the situation, called Wildlife SOS to further investigate the matter. The group came to inpsect the leopards, but instead of taking them away from the area, they decided to wait and see if the mom was searching for them. If so, they bet that she would show up to claim them.

But she never did. Eventually, they determined that officials had found the leopard cubs somewhere else and in fact moved them to the plantation, which is why the mom never found them.

Ultimately, the rescue group decided to keep the cubs at the plantation. They placed them inside a plastic laundry basket, then set up a camera to record the moment their mom returned.

Five days passed. Then, she arrived.

“After several hours, we spotted the female leopard cautiously emerging from the forest,” said Dr. Deshmukh, a veterinarian with the group.

The leopard slowly investigated the basket and quickly pushed it aside when she confirmed the familiar scent of her babies.

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