Kids Start Lemonade Stand To Raise Money For Neighbors Whose Home Was Destroyed By Fire

by Kelly Glass
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A group of kids in the Pittsburgh metro area are selling lemonade for a good cause. They are helping their neighbors rebuild their home after a fire destroyed it.

The kids  in Moon Township, Pennsylvania, set up a lemonade stand to help their neighbors, the Brocco family. The Brocco house caught fire after an incident with a runaway jeep and hornets.

“First, we heard all of the sirens come by. We just thought it was something going on down the road,” neighbor Karl Hunter said. “Then my wife heard another loud noise and looked out and saw the flames coming out.”

Police say the owner of the Jeep Wrangler was spraying a hornet’s nest a few houses away when she jumped into her vehicle to get away from the now angry hornets.

As she tried to enter it, she says the vehicle slipped out of gear and rolled across the street. She lost control of the Jeep and ran into a gas meter, plowing into the Brocco house. The vehicle and the house caught fire.

“It’s a blessing the lady who was driving the Jeep didn’t get hurt, and that no one was at home when the Jeep ran into the house,” said Moon Township Police Chief Greg Seaman.

The kids are adding up their total sum from the lemonade stand with plans to give all of the profits to the Brocco family.

Watch the video to see how this group of kids came together for their neighbors.

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