Girl Graduates And Shuts Down Bullies Who Called Her ‘Stupid’ Over Her Learning Disabilities

by Kate Taylor
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Most of us attended school from roughly age 5 until at least age 18. For so many years, school is all we really know.

Of course, getting an education is important. But, not everyone is cut out to sit still for eight hours a day and be a straight A student.

Worse yet, kids can be mean, and whether we like to admit to it or not, schools are breeding grounds for bullies. Kids can be made fun of for everything from their sneakers to the way they talk.

Few things are more painful — or detrimental to growth and development — than being bullied for being “stupid.”

Phoebe, an Australian student, can relate to being put down her whole life on account of being a slow learner.

Luckily, Phoebe didn’t let it get her down or in the way of reaching her academic goals.

Phoebe recently graduated from university in Australia, despite always being told she couldn’t.

Phoebe was understandably proud of herself and had something to say to everyone who helped her get there — as well as those who didn’t.

Phoebe shared her feelings in a post on Imgur.

She explains, “After being told I was stupid for undiagnosed learning disabilities — Yesterday I proved them all wrong.”

In what Phoebe describes as a “smug post,” she shares:

To the teacher in the HSC who told my parents I should drop a class because I would drag down other students grades. 

To the Uni teacher who told me “I obviously don’t care about my education” and made me cry in front of the class because I spelled words wrong. 

To the parents who asked a teacher to not have their child sit next to me in maths because their child would “become stupid too.” 


And to the education system that failed me, that told me I was only worth my 49 ATR. 

Well, this post is for you. 

After going through UTS:insearch to University, in my final semester of my bachelor’s I was formally diagnosed with Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, and ADHD. I have not only been able to finish my bachelor’s with only one semester of disability support but can proudly say have finished with one of the highest GPA’s of my course with the opportunity to do honors. 

So to those people who shamed me for not fitting the criteria of the “perfect student”, watch your back because us disabled kids are smashing you at your own game in our own unique way. 

P.S. shoutout to my amazing friends, family and tutors who have always helped and supported me through my journey. 

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