LeAnn Rimes Fans Are Upset That She Didn’t Capitalize The Word ‘God’ In Her Newest Tattoo

by Kim Wong-Shing
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LeAnn Rimes just got a simple yet meaningful new tattoo.

The country singer got the words “god’s work” tattooed onto her arm.

She went to Los Angeles tattoo artist Winter Stone (who also tattooed Chrissy Teigen and John Legend).

The entire phrase is in lowercase letters, which suits the minimalistic style of the tattoo. But some fans are irked because the word “god” has a lowercase g.

After LeAnn shared photos of the tattoo on Instagram, fans swept into the comments to voice their disappointment.

“God should be capitalized,” one fan wrote.

“It’s God. Not god. FYI,” another said.

Of course, a lot of people also complimented LeAnn on how lovely the tattoo looks and what a nice choice of phrase she picked. She wasn’t deterred by the critics, and she didn’t even have to respond to them directly. Other outspoken fans perfectly put the haters in their place.

LeAnn Rimes has been a darling of the country music world since she was just 13 years old. She’s now 36, so she’s faced her share of ~controversy~ throughout the years, and she’s a pro at handling it gracefully.

The latest controversy? LeAnn’s newest tattoo.

The singer has multiple tattoos at this point, and all of them are pretty small and dainty.

She has “Still I rise” on her pelvic bone, “the only one that matters” on top of her right foot, and her husband Eddie Cibrian’s first initial on her ring finger.

Recently, LeAnn got some new ink and showed it off on Instagram.

This new tattoo fits in perfectly with the rest. It’s another dainty set of words: “god’s work.”

The entire tattoo is in lowercase cursive, including the word “god,” which has some fans upset.

“It’s God. Not god. FYI,” one fan wrote.

“I luv it but God is GOD! God should have a capital G,” another added.

LeAnn could have responded directly to the criticism over her tattoo’s capitalization, but she didn’t have to.

Instead, other fans spoke up on her behalf.

“Some are pointing out to LeAnn that God is spelled with a capital G, not a small g,” one person wrote. “Although there is one Truth, remember everyone’s interpretation of the truth is different.”

“I’m sure LeAnn knows the difference between God & god and she wrote it exactly how she wanted to, in how it’s meaningful to her,” that commenter added.

LeAnn replied to that comment with a heart emoji, which looks like a cosign to me!

Relatedly, this tattoo is by Daniel Winter, also known as Winter Stone. These delicate, simple, all-lowercase tattoos are one of his signature styles.

He’s the same guy who did Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s matching tattoos, and would you look at that? There are no uppercase letters to be found on theirs either, even though the tattoos consist of proper names!

So, yeah. LeAnn’s decision not to capitalize God probably has nothing to do with her faith or lack thereof.

Silly tattoo drama aside, LeAnn has also been opening up more lately about her family life with Eddie and her stepsons. Eddie has two sons — Mason, 16, and Jake, 12 — from his previous marriage to Brandi Glanville.

LeAnn and Brandi were famously on bad terms for years, because LeAnn’s relationship with Eddie began during his marriage to Brandi. But now they’re all one big happy blended family.

On May 17, LeAnn celebrated Stepmother’s Day with an Instagram post about her life as a stepmom to Eddie’s sons.

“As a stepmom, I’ve had to learn how to unbar my heart, disarm myself and stand in the ring fully exposed, gloves dropped,” she wrote.

“Stepmotherhood has made me a better human. I now understand how deep compassion and Love can run when we step out our own way, out of our heads and into our hearts.”

She’s truly living her best life out there … dainty tattoos included.