Lazy Cat Doesn’t Want To Walk Down The Stairs, Turns Body Into Slinky Instead

by Nicoletta Richardson

Pets never cease to amaze us with their strange, quirky talents. Just when you think you know what your cat or dog is fully capable of — bam! They pull off something that totally blows your mind.

Just check out this dog who totally sensed that a baby was on the way when a pregnant mom lay on the ground — talk about a sixth sense!

And sometimes, the silly stunts they do completely on their own truly make our days, just like this furry friend who actually grabbed the hand of his owner to keep her scratching his belly. Now that’s great communication!

In a video posted on May 27, 2016, we meet an adorable black-and-white striped cat who definitely loves to relax — as you can see at the very top of the stairs. This cat just sits and stares down the set of steps, leaving viewers not sure what’s going to happen next.

And then, there’s movement — but not the normal act of walking down the stairs. No, stepping down the normal way is not this cat’s style.

Instead, we see a head hang over the top step, with front paws soon to follow. In an almost backbend motion, the cat puts his head and front paws down first, then swings its legs over last, plopping down in a not-so-graceful way.

But that clearly is what this kitten is going for, because it keeps happening, step after step after step. And before you know it, it looks as though you’re watching a Slinky make its way down the wooden stairs — just like we used to do when we were kids!

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