Angry Neighbors Want Mom To Tear Down 3-Year-Old’s Playhouse So County Officials Get Involved

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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When I was young, my dad and grandpa built me a special jungle gym in the backyard of my grandpa’s house.

Although I’m much too big for it now, the jungle gym is still standing in the backyard, and it holds a special place in my heart as something that was made just for me, simply to fill me with joy as a child.

Three-year-old Layla Przybyla also has a special playhouse built just for her in her backyard, but it might not be there much longer thanks to some angry neighbors.

ABC Action News reports that Layla’s parents own two plots of land: the one where they built their family home, and another where they built Layla’s playhouse. But some neighbors weren’t very happy about that — and complained to the town of Ellenton, Florida, where they live.

The neighbors reportedly claimed that little Layla’s playhouse is “a hazard in a hurricane” and shouldn’t be there.

As it turns out, the neighbors’ claim actually had some merit — the playhouse is technically an “accessory structure” and isn’t allowed to sit on an otherwise vacant piece of land.

County officials gave Layla’s family three options: combine their two plots of land, move the playhouse onto the plot of land with the family home, or remove the playhouse entirely. If they leave the playhouse as is, they might have to face a daily fine of $100.

However, other neighbors aren’t too happy that another neighbor complained about an innocent playhouse. Mike Rosiek says he has “no problem” with the playhouse, which sits right outside his big picture window.

What do you think about this situation? Was it fair of the neighbors to complain, or is Layla’s playhouse totally innocent? Check out the video below to learn some more, and please SHARE this video on Facebook.

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