Heartbroken Dad Shares Warning After Running Over Son With Lawn Mower In Freak Accident

by Emerald Pellot
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Sean and Melissa shared a heartbreaking story — one many of us would be hesitant to confess in public. The couple is doing so to raise awareness about an important issue: 13 children are injured by lawn mowers daily, according to The Doctors.

Sean and Melissa’s son, Roan, is one of those kids. Roan loves riding the lawn mower with his daddy. It’s a time for father and son bonding. One day, while on the lawn mower with his dad, Roan went inside to get his bottle.

Sean continued to mow the lawn. As he put the mower in reverse, he looked over his left shoulder to see what was behind him.

He didn’t notice Roan coming in from the right. What happened next is heartbreaking.

“I ran over him,” Sean says on The Doctors in the video below. “I don’t remember how I got him out from underneath it. I don’t remember how I got him in the car. I just knew that it looked like his arm was barely hanging on. The only thing that I could tell was holding his hand on was skin.” He adds: “It looked like a bomb had gone off.”

He and Melissa were horrified hearing their son’s cries turn into mere whimpers in the ambulance. They were certain they had lost him. But the news was good.

Doctors were able to save Roan’s arm and heel. Although he lost his toes, he will still be able to walk and use his arm.

“I will always feel guilty and sad. I ran over Roan,” Sean says. “Now, looking back, I never would have let him be outside while mowing the lawn.”

The family is sharing their story because they want other families to know that lawn mowers can be a danger, even when parents have the best of intentions and are alert.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has specific recommendations for operating a lawn mower: One should clear the area of objects, stop the blades when crossing gravel surfaces, and most importantly, never mow in reverse.

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Photos: The Doctors

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