Delicious Lava Cake Made Four Ways: Recipes That Satisfy Every Craving

by Karen Ruffini
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I don’t know about you, but there is something about a delicious lava cake that gets me every time.

Someone loved it so much, they’ve concocted a recipe that delivers this tantalizing treat in 30 seconds.

Its exterior is moist and light, but when you dig your spoon into the center, the gooey and delicious “lava” comes drizzling out.

There have been times when I’ve actually licked my plate to ensure I didn’t miss one single drip — it’s THAT good!

We all know the traditional chocolate lava cake, which is still very deserving of some recognition, but this next video shows three more ways to enjoy this delectable dessert.

I had NO clue how much variety this delicious cake could have! Whether you’re more of a butterscotch person, or love a fruity pop of flavor, these recipes have it ALL.

Make sure you watch the video and see how you can make these easy recipes for the most intense dessert cravings!

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