Teen Is Kicked Out On Last Day Of School Over Outfit So Mom Wears It To Graduation As Revenge

by Amy Paige
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Violet wanted her last day of high school to be extra special. So the excited senior picked out the perfect outfit to wear.

In fact, it was a dress she had worn to school at least five times before.

The high school grad never expected the day to be completely ruined.

Violet told news outlets that teachers pulled her aside when there were only two hours left in the day. Right there, in the middle of the hall, they measured her dress and announced it was half an inch too short. Then, they called her mother Amy and said she needed to go home and change.

Amy was absolutely heartbroken to learn her daughter spent the last hours of her high school experience crying and humiliated. Dress code or not, she thinks the school could have handled the situation much differently.

When it came time for Violet’s graduation day, Amy decided to defend her in an unexpected way. The frustrated mom, out for redemption, wore the very same dress that got Violet in trouble in the first place!

“If her dress is too short, then my dress is too short, and I’m going to wear it in front of everybody and be proud — just like she should have been able to on her last day,” Amy told FOX8.

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