The Abdopus Octopus Walks On Dry Land To Hunt For Food In Low Tides

by Jess Catcher
Jess grew up in Oklahoma before moving to New York to become a writer. She has a cat named Agnes.

In The Little Mermaid, all young Ariel wants in life is to see what the human world is like on dry land.

Of course, her whole mermaid situation makes that a bit difficult until the helpful (and evil) Ursula provides the princess with her own set of legs. We all know how Ariel’s story ends, just like every other happily-ever-after fairy tale, but it’s the inspirational message behind the pixels that made the Disney movie such a classic. I know I was motivated to explore the world around me more thanks to that brave redhead.

But in real life, sadly, there aren’t any singing marine animals stopping by to give us guidance along the way.

That doesn’t mean we haven’t found some fascinating creatures hanging out under the sea, though. In fact, we seem to be spotting unusual animals swimming around the depths more and more lately! It’s not all that surprising considering our planet is mostly water, so we’ve probably only scratched the surface of all the mysterious wonders waiting to be discovered.

The little guy in the video below doesn’t seem like anything all that strange at first. Just a smallish octopus roaming around the shallow waters as he hunts for some yummy crab to snack on. He doesn’t have much luck finding anything in that area as the tide gets lower and lower. While most species of octopus would simply wait out the low waters elsewhere and resume hunting once it rose back up again, this special guy has a truly incredible trick up his tentacles.

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