LittleThings Shine: Opera Director Laine Rettmer Makes Her Mark On A Male-Dominated Industry

by Grace Eire
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As a female in a vastly male-dominated field, you may face some incredibly frustrating and demeaning behavior. This is especially true if you’re a woman in a position of power in a male-dominated industry.

Laine Rettmer, a New York–based opera director, faces these problems almost every day at work. Theater directors are, in this day and age, still usually male. Rettmer has noticed that even though she has years of hands-on experience and certifications in many different areas of the theater, her male actors still sometimes find the need to correct her. That’s when she professionally, yet frankly, lets them know that she does, in fact, know exactly that she’s talking about.

Her views on how to put on an opera production are much more modern and relatable than what many of us assume when we think of opera. Her philosophies for putting on a show result in a much more organic, enthralling, and intriguing experience for the viewer. For instance, as a resident director at Loft Opera, she puts on full operas in untraditional spaces. Audience members could be just feet away from the performers while they sing in full voice.

How cool is that?

Listening to this powerful woman speak so passionately about what she does is so inspiring… you have to see it for yourself.

You can see more from filmmaker Kaz PS on her website.

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