California Woman Who Says She Lives With 1,000 Cats Lets Cameras Inside Her Home

by Amy Paige
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You’re about to meet an amazing woman who decided to give up her spacious single-family home, complete with a swimming pool and a beautiful view, just to care for her beloved cats.

Lynea Lattanzio, 68, now lives in a small mobile home so she can better care for more than 1,000 felines.

Over the course of her life, Lynea says she has taken in and lived with 28,000 cats! The term ‘cat-lady’ never seemed so apt!

The self-proclaimed “ultimate crazy cat lady” loves their beauty, independence, and grace. Using the money out of her own pocket, she began adopting and rehousing cats in the early 1990s. Once she became a vet technician, she was able to grow her mission and find the funds needed for cat food, litter, maintenance, staffing, and vets.

Lynea’s little trailer is situated on her six-acre property in California, known as Cat House on the Kings. It’s the state’s largest no-cage, no-kill sanctuary for feral and abandoned cats. She and her team of volunteers care for about 800 adult cats and 300 kittens.

In the video below, courtesy of Barcroft TV, you’ll get a glimpse into the incredible Cat House, where feisty felines roam freely throughout a five-bedroom house.

We guarantee that you’ve never seen anything quite like Lynea’s home before.

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