Stranger’s Act Of Kindness Lands Teen A New Job

by Emerald Pellot
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Ladarrius Gilmore is a recent high school graduate and 19-year-old from Memphis, Tennessee. Ladarrius aspires to be a business owner some day and to attend culinary and cosmetology school; in the meantime the young guy just needs a job.

When he heard Central BBQ was hiring he decided to go for it. He put on a suit and tie and decided to walk 30 minutes in the sweltering summer sun, all to become a better man.

Then fate stepped in. As he was walking, holding his dress shoes in his hand and sweating in his suit, a car pulled over. It was attorney Daniel Hamilton, who offered Ladarrius a ride.

This isn’t the first time a stranger has helped someone out like this; Art Bouvier hired 18-year-old Jhaqueil Reagan when he noticed that the poor guy was walking 10 miles to work everyday.

“He told me ‘do you want a ride,’ because he didn’t want me sweating in my suit,” Ladarrius said. Then he got in the car and the two men began to chat.

Daniel was impressed with Ladarrus’ discipline and decided to take things a step further.

“He gave me a ride to Central BBQ and he came into the building. Then we talked to the manager, Mr. Tom,” Gilmore said. Hamilton vouched for him and Ladarrius was hired on the spt.

“I am happy to help a guy like that who is just getting started,” said manager Tom Strange. “Ladarrius definitely has the right attitude.”

But Daniel took things a step further: he posted a letter about his encounter on Facebook to see who would pay it forward. The note went viral and Ladarrius was kindly given a bike by a local business owner.

Now he doesn’t have to walk 30 minutes everyday. This is what a great community looks like!

Read the letter Daniel wrote that went viral, and see more of Ladarrius’ story below!

“The young man on the left is Ladarrius Gilmore. He is 19. I met him on my drive to work this morning. As I headed down Vance, I saw him walking on the side of the road. His shirt and tie were covered in sweat, and he was carrying his dress shoes. I stopped and asked him where he was going. He said he was headed about another mile to Central Barbecue downtown. He heard they were hiring and wanted to apply.

I gave him a ride. On the way, he told me that he was taking evening classes at a local career college. He was looking for a job to fill his days and weekends. He doesn’t have a car and has never had a driver’s license.”

When we got to Central, we spoke with Tom Strange. Tom is on the right, and he is one of the managers. We asked him if Central was hiring. He said yes and gave Ladarrius an application. Ladarrius filled it out and Tom interviewed him. They hired him on the spot. Ladarrius was thrilled.”

Screenshot / CNN

On the way to Ladarrius’s apartment, we stopped to get some non-slip shoes for the new job. He told me about his plans to eventually attend both culinary school and cosmetology school. He plans on opening his own barber shop one day. He is still working out the details.

This town gets more than its fair share of bad press. But quietly, every day, good people like Ladarrius set out against the odds to make a better tomorrow. Good people like Tom give a young man a chance. Good people fill this town. That is why I love Memphis.”

See more of Ladarrius’ story and how grateful he is for Daniel in the video below!

Well there you have it, a community that looks out for each other is a community that thrives. Please SHARE if you believe Daniel did the right thing by going out on a limb for Ladarrius!