6 Labor Day Picnic Hacks To Ensure You Have A No-Mess, Fun-Filled Time

by Phil Mutz
Phil is an Editor at LittleThings. He loves writing and the outdoors. You can often find him at the movies or the park.

Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to get together with family and friends for one last hurrah before summer comes to a close.

So why not throw a picnic that everyone can enjoy?

And for anyone out there who is always looking for hacks to make life a little bit easier, there are quite a few ways to make your Labor Day picnic go off without a hitch!

Just as with these hacks to organize your home refrigerator, this exclusive video reveals a number of creative ideas for mess-saving picnic hacks.

Each of these ideas is better than the last:

  1. Use a plastic cup for a no-mess salad, storing your fork in the straw hole of the lid.
  2. Repurpose old Tic-Tac containers to hold spices.
  3. Place a shower liner under your blanket to keep it from getting wet in the grass.
  4. Fold the top of your chip bag in to make it easily accessible.
  5. Use a muffin tin for drinks and garnishes.
  6. Place a cupcake liner under your popsicle to catch any dripping.

These picnic hacks are sure to keep the mess to a minimum so you can have a maximum amount of fun with your family and friends.

Watch the video below to see each of these brilliant ideas in action.

Which of these methods do you swear by? What other picnic hacks have you found success with? Let us know in the comments.

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