Kylie Jenner Celebrates Her 21st Birthday By Posting Adorable Pics With Baby Stormi

by Angela Andaloro

Kylie Jenner has turned 21! It’s crazy to think that we’ve seen her grow up on-screen over the last 11 years.

We’ve seen her go from a silly, sassy kid to a business-savvy young woman and mother. Nowadays, Kylie’s calling the shots and making boss moves.

To celebrate her birthday, Kylie posted two new photos of herself and her 6-month-old daughter, Stormi Webster, on Instagram. But her decision to post pictures of her baby girl breaks a rule that she spoke on just a few months ago.

Kylie had gotten into a groove of posting pictures of Stormi when suddenly, fans noticed all photos featuring Stormi’s face had been deleted.

When a commenter called her out for cutting her baby out of her pictures, Kylie explained she wasn’t sharing pictures of the then-4-month-old to protect her from rumors and negative comments that were swirling on the internet. Luckily, we have this special occasion that has made Kylie feel comfortable sharing some new pics of her baby girl.

Kylie’s been gearing up for some big birthday celebrations to mark the big 2-1! This photo she shared teasing her Kylie Cosmetics birthday palette shows that girl is ready to par-tay.

While Kylie’s playful, sexy, fun personality has been apparent in all the photos she’s posted this month, the reality star was also sure to represent the other side of her life, too.

On February 1, Kylie added “mom” to her already impressive résumé after giving birth to daughter Stormi Webster. She announced her birth just a few days later, breaking a months-long hiatus from Instagram.

Since then, fans have loved seeing glimpses of Kylie’s life as a young mom.

Of course, everyone loved seeing pictures of adorable baby Stormi.

Kylie Jenner/ Instagram

However, like most things in the life of the Kardashians/Jenners, there was drama surrounding Stormi’s birth, including speculation that Travis Scott was not her father.

Shortly after rumors became rampant, pictures of Stormi’s face began to disappear off Kylie’s Instagram.

It wasn’t long before fans realized that any pictures Kylie did share of Stormi didn’t actually show her face.

When Kylie posted this shot with just a sliver of Stormi in it, fans began confronting her on why she was “hiding” Stormi.

Kylie responded to explain that she had decided not to share any more pictures of Stormi.

From then on, Kylie decided to share mom life on her own terms. Since her declaration in June, we haven’t seen Stormi’s precious face. While we’ve missed the little munchkin, we understand Kylie’s decision to keep her out of the public eye.

Even dad Travis Scott has kept in line with Kylie’s rule, posting this much of his “little rager” following his album release.

Despite deciding not to show Stormi’s face anymore, it appears that Kylie’s 21st birthday is a special enough occasion to share a photo. It’s our first look at Stormi in about two months, and she’s grown so much!

A celebration of Kylie’s birthday wouldn’t be complete without Stormi, whom Kylie called her “most special gift” in an Instagram caption.

If it’s only an occasional glimpse at Stormi that we’ll get, we’ll certainly take it! Her face is simply too adorable to pass up, and the softer side of Kylie is always a pleasure to see.