Kim Kardashian’s New Baby Chicago Makes Her Debut In Aunt Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy Montage Video

by Caralynn Lippo
Caralynn is a writer, native New Yorker, TV enthusiast, and dog mom to Hobbes.

World, meet Chicago West.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s new baby, Chicago,  was born on January 15, 2018. While Kim and Kanye waited several months to share the first images of their two older kids in the past, they opted for a slightly different approach this time around: Chicago appeared in her aunt Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy video montage.

On February 4, 2018, Kylie finally revealed that she’d given birth to a daughter of her own — her first child — after a top-secret pregnancy that she kept hidden from fans.

For the big reveal, Kylie posted a message on Instagram, apologizing to her fans for not having shared her big news and explaining that she wanted to prepare for motherhood “in the most positive, stress free, and healthy way” by keeping it all offline.

Shortly after the announcement, the 20-year-old mom also shared an emotional video chronicling her pregnancy journey. “Here’s a little glimpse of the last 9 months,” she captioned the montage, titled “To Our Daughter.”

While the focus of the video was Kylie, her pregnancy journey, and friends and family speaking to Kylie’s new, as-yet-unnamed baby daughter, other family members made appearances, too. Fans were definitely surprised to see that the video snuck in the first peek at Kim’s daughter, Chicago!

In the clip, taken while Kylie was still pregnant, Kim places her own brand-new baby into Kylie’s arms. It’s also the moment where Kim revealed to her sister that they’d decided to name the baby after Kanye’s hometown.

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Photos: Instagram / Kylie Jenner; YouTube / Kylie Jenner; Instagram / Kim Kardashian

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