Kylie Jenner Shares The Beauty Advice She Has For Her 7-Month-Old Daughter Stormi

by Kim Wong-Shing
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Kylie Jenner may be an almost-billionaire beauty mogul, but ever since she had her daughter, Stormi, she’s been more focused on inner beauty.

In a new video for Vogue Australia, she discusses what beauty means to her.

The Kylie Cosmetics founder is on the cover of the magazine’s September issue. In the issue’s cover story, she opens up in a candid interview with her older sister, Kendall.

As part of her Vogue cover shoot, Kylie also filmed a video to dive deeper into her ideas about inner beauty and peace. The young reality star, who recently turned 21, shares some essential beauty advice that she’d like to pass on to her daughter.

But despite making millions from cosmetics, Kylie’s advice for her little girl is surprisingly down-to-earth and deep.

Scroll through to read all about what Kylie reveals in her Vogue cover story and the advice she has for Stormi!

Kylie’s sweet advice to her daughter is a highlight of her September feature in Vogue Australia.

In her interview with Kendall, the first-time mom opens up about motherhood, Kylie Cosmetics, and growing up in the spotlight.

She says her perspective has changed significantly since she gave birth to Stormi.

“I actually feel like I love myself more after I had Stormi,” Kylie tells Kendall.

“I feel like having a daughter, and thinking about beauty in the future, has definitely changed me, and I feel like it has made me love myself more and accept everything about me,” she continues. “Even my ears, I always felt like they stuck out too far, and she [Stormi] has the same ears as me and so now I love my ears.”

“I want to be an example for her. What kind of example would I be if she said she didn’t like her ears, and then I didn’t like them either? I just want to teach her that. I’m trying to love myself more,” she confesses.

Kylie and her boyfriend, Travis Scott, became parents in February.

In a video that accompanies the Vogue Australia cover story, Kylie offers some beauty advice directly to her daughter.

“A beauty lesson that I want to pass on to Stormi is probably just be carefree and experiment,” she says.

The mom of one says she wants to “let [Stormi] experiment with her look and who she wants to be.”

That’s not a surprising sentiment, given how much Kylie herself has changed up her look over the years!

Kylie also noted the importance of inner beauty, self-love, and inner peace. She says that, for her, family and downtime are key.

“I find inner peace by shutting my phone off and going into my little bubble and just focusing on myself and my circle,” she reveals.

Also key? Loving yourself.

“I think confidence makes someone beautiful,” Kylie says.

Kylie also recalls that she felt the most confident when she was a child and “had no care in the world.”

It’s so true that, as we age, society’s expectations about beauty tend to weigh us down and harm our self-confidence.

Kylie credits her family with allowing her to be a free spirit and to be genuinely herself. She also shares some of her favorite family memories from that era with her sister.

“I think the most memorable moments from being young are the memories that we shared together, and just like, our family, like holidays,” she tells Kendall. “They used to be so much fun for us. I mean, they still are, but like just so much fun back then, even playing with Barbies, or the fights we would get in.”

Growing up brought out Kylie’s insecurities, as it does for most teenage girls. But on the plus side, the mogul’s insecurity about her lips led to the creation of her mega-successful beauty brand, Kylie Cosmetics.

And now that Kylie is a mom, she’s embracing her “flaws” even more.

“Nobody’s perfect, and that’s my thing.”

As she grows older, Kylie is realizing what true happiness looks like and what’s most important to her.

“I want to appreciate and be comfortable in the place that I am, and just find happiness in my friends and my family,” she says.

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