Kylie Jenner Posts Video That Ignites Insane Debate Over Baby Stormi’s Pierced Ears

by Kim Wong-Shing
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A recent video of baby Stormi that Kylie Jenner posted to Snapchat was received to general outrage — because it reveals that Kylie got Stormi’s ears pierced.

And apparently, people have a lot of opinions on baby ear piercings. Is it a regular practice? Is it child mutilation? Who can really say?! (Anyone with an internet connection, apparently.)

Kylie and her boyfriend, Travis Scott, had Stormi on February 1. At 5 months old, baby Stormi is already living a lavish lifestyle. Kylie recently made headlines for building a $900 million fortune with her makeup company, Kylie Cosmetics, at just 20 years old. As the youngest Kardashian-Jenner sister, Kylie is due to become a billionaire any day now.

One of her major talents? Kylie knows how to use social media like an absolute pro. Like the rest of her family, Kylie shares practically her entire life on the internet, so it only makes sense that she would share photos and videos of her first daughter, Stormi.



A recent Snapchat video, though, showed Stormi playing with Kylie’s hair, and the adorable baby happens to have her ears pierced.

People chimed in on Instagram and Twitter in response to the video.

Some thought that Stormi should get to choose whether she wants her ears pierced.

One person even said that ear piercings are abuse!

But others strongly disagreed.

Early ear piercings are very common, people said. “Stop making it a thing.”

According to a nurse who joined the conversation, ear piercings can be done completely safely.

Piercing soon after birth can actually be safer in some ways, said others.


Also, plenty of people have been in Stormi’s position, and they turned out just fine.

In fact, in some cultures, it’s simply routine.

But Kylie’s critics stuck to their guns (but not their piercing guns, heh). Some people just plain don’t like baby earrings.

Until we can all get on the same page about piercings, let’s circle back to something we can all agree on.


Sooooo cute.