Kristen Bell Says Her Family’s Home Is Being Terrorized By An Intruder: A ‘Trash Panda’

by Caralynn Lippo
Caralynn is a writer, native New Yorker, TV enthusiast, and dog mom to Hobbes.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are dealing with an intruder in their home, and he’s determined to make their lives miserable.

In video posts on Instagram, Kristen documented her family’s ongoing ordeal with a furry critter who’s taken a particular liking to her house.

“Hello, police, I’d like to report an attempted break-in,” the actress jokes in one of the clips below. “I believe the suspect is about 16 inches tall, between 35 and 45 pounds, adorably cute, and determined to mess with me and my family.”

The “suspect” is a raccoon, or as Kristen likes to call him, a “trash panda.” The raccoon has apparently visited the Bell–Shepard home repeatedly, making all kinds of messes.

In one clip, the 37-year-old The Good Place actress shows off what the raccoon did to her kids’ room. Kristen shares two daughters (Lincoln, 4, and Delta, 3) with Dax. Apparently, the mom of two uses tinfoil as makeshift blackout curtains for Lincoln and Delta’s room — or at least she did, until the “trash panda” had his way and tore them apart to try and break in!

“You’re probably wondering, ‘Why do you have tinfoil on your windows, Kristen?’ Well, this is my kids’ room and I have to block the light out, otherwise they won’t sleep in,” she says in a clip, according to People. “But this is a perfect fix. There’s no sunlight, they sleep in ’til like seven. And yes, I know it looks like a meth den.”

She also jokes that the raccoon was attempting to force her to get up earlier with her kids. “Apparently this little trash panda thinks my kids should wake up earlier which is why he was ripping the tinfoil off,” she says. “He probably has a lot of ideas about how this family should run, like, ‘Don’t be lazy, Kristen, get up with your kids.’ But you know what, no, you get up with them.”

She adds, “And it’s not just that he’s trying to break into my house, he has got quite a temper.”

Another clip, called “Raccoon Rage,” shows the mess the uninvited house guest made outside her house by tossing the family’s cat house “across the yard again.”

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Photos: Instagram / kristenanniebell

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