Kristen Bell’s Daughters Keep Her ‘Grounded’ By Decapitating Her ‘Frozen’ Christmas Ornament

by Caralynn Lippo
Caralynn is a writer, native New Yorker, TV enthusiast, and dog mom to Hobbes.

Kristen Bell is one of the funniest women in Hollywood.

The actress and mom maintains an active presence online, where she posts frequently about her kids.

Her Twitter and Instagram accounts are filled with reminders that, despite the fact she is a world-famous actress, she’s not immune to the typical “mom woes” that plague ordinary, non-famous women.

Kristen has been in the entertainment industry for years, but one of her most well-known roles didn’t come about until 2013. The Veronica Mars alum voiced Anna, the plucky younger sister of ice queen Elsa in the Disney animated movie Frozen.

Kids all over the world went bonkers for the animated musical film.

Even four years later, they can’t stop singing the catchy tunes from the movie or debating which of the two princesses is their favorite: Anna or Elsa.

But despite how near-universally beloved the movie is, Kristen’s daughters have some unexpected opinions when it comes to the film — and she says their attitudes keep her “grounded.”

Thumbnail Photo: Instagram / Kristen Bell

Kristen is a mom to two daughters.

The 37-year-old actress shares daughters Lincoln, 4, and Delta, nearly 3, with her husband, Dax Shepard.

Though Kristen strictly keeps her kids off social media and never posts photos of them online, her fans have come to feel like they know the two rather sassy little girls.

Both Lincoln and Delta appear to have inherited their parents’ senses of humor, because the latest of their antics is flat out hilarious.

On December 9, 2017, Kristen shared a photo of her Frozen Christmas ornament.

Like many moms of young kids experience, there was a bit of a mishap while the family was presumably decorating their tree.

“This will be the cover of my autobiography and it will be titled ‘My children keep me grounded,'” Kristen joked in her caption for the photo.

The singer and actress is clearly referring to the fact that the ornament is broken in a very particular way.

The Elsa figurine is totally unharmed, while the Anna figurine is fully decapitated. The head of the character Kristen voiced is snapped completely off!

Of course, it’s totally possible that the kids were just playing rough and broke the ornament without meaning to decapitate Anna specifically.

Little kids aren’t exactly known for handling toys carefully, and Kristen has proven in the past that her girls are no exception.

Earlier this year, Kristen shared the above photo of a pile of toys, calling it “a picture of both the floor of my house and the interior of my brain.”

I’m sure any parent of two kids under 5 can relate!

But it’s also kind of funny to imagine that Lincoln and Delta specifically targeted Anna — after all, it wouldn’t be the first time that one of Kristen’s kids has made their preference for Elsa known.

For Halloween this year, Kristen shared a photo of herself looking unimpressed in an elaborate Elsa costume.

She revealed that her daughter demanded that the both of them dress up as Elsa for the holiday.

Kristen has even admitted in the past that her kids weren’t huge fans of the hit Disney movie at all, though they seem to have at least warmed up to Elsa.

“I put it on for her, thinking it was going to blow her mind, and like 15 minutes in she was like, ‘Turn this off, I don’t like this movie,'” Kristen revealed to E! News last year. “She could care less […] It was too scary for her, I think. She keeps my ego in check. But it was too dark, the scene where Anna gets struck and then they go to the trolls and it takes place at night.”

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