Kristen Bell Curses During Interview While Confessing To A Few Of Her Real-Life Bad Habits

by Mauricio Castillo
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In the NBC series The Good Place, star Kristen Bell plays a woman who has to navigate a perfect utopia in the afterlife, knowing all along that she doesn’t really belong there.

You see, Kristen’s character isn’t morally perfect, and she has to learn to become a better person in order to stay in the Good Place.

And that begs the question: Does the real-life Kristen Bell have any bad habits that would possibly prevent her from entering the Good Place as seen on the show? ET decided to find out!

The 37-year-old actress and her co-star, Ted Danson, were interviewed on the set of The Good Place and asked about their real-life vices.

“Have you ever used your celebrity to get out of a parking ticket?”

“No one recognizes me, so that isn’t a problem,” Kristen said, laughing.

That’s incredible — I know that I for one would definitely recognize the star on the street if I saw her!

Kristen also said she rarely forgets her lines, but the same can’t be said for Ted.

“Do you have a potty mouth?” she was asked. At that question, the star took a deep breath and confessed, “Very guilty.”

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Photo: ET

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