This Upside-Down Fish Tank Is Simply Incredible

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

We’ve seen many DIY projects dedicated to dogs and cats, but rarely do we see do-it-yourselfers so dedicated to making their pet fish more comfortable, happy, and stimulated. In 2011, German YouTube user “TCHelmut” uploaded a video of his incredible “lookout tower” he built by hand for his beloved koi fish smack dab in the middle of his garden pond. By day, up to 20 koi swim up inside the tower up to the upper lid. Some even linger for several hours inside the column, taking in their exciting view!

Instead of a standard horizontal aquarium, this koi habitat is designed more like a vertical observation tower. The tall structure is filled with water and made with 1-centimeter-thick glass. Some call this an “antigravity aquarium” while others refer to it as a “bottomless aquarium.” Whatever it is, it’s awesome!

It’s fascinating to watch the fish swim around the tank. They seem to genuinely enjoy their unique aquarium — and don’t worry, the Koi are able to swim in and out as they please since the tank is completely open at the bottom. The fish do it all on their own!

This is simply stunning — and it’s something I would love to have in my own backyard. Please SHARE this brilliant idea with your friends on Facebook.

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