Australian Officials Predict That Koalas Might Be Extinct By 2050 But There Are Ways To Help

by Karen Belz
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Koalas are magnificent creatures. But they might not be around forever.

Studies have proven that their population is starting to decline.

Many of the reasons seem to be due to human involvement. The Australian Koala Foundation notes that their habitats are rapidly being destroyed. In certain areas, they’ve also suffered from dog attacks and have also been injured or killed due to bushfires. Many different groups of remaining koalas are at a vulnerable level when it comes to endangerment.

Koalas are native to Australia. In 2019 and through the beginning of this year, news traveled worldwide that Australia was having some of its worst bushfires.

Many of those koalas were rescued by volunteers and temporarily rehomed. But a lot of them didn’t make it. This devastating blow to their population is likely why people are predicting that they could go extinct by 2050.

The Australia Koala Foundation went so far as to estimate how many koalas are left. Its prediction was as few as 43,000, which is baffling to think about.

But there’s still plenty of people out there who’ve vowed to help the koala population regrow. Koalas seem to interact somewhat well when it comes to human care, meaning that human intervention may be able to help preserve the species.

While the fires were out of anyone’s control, it’s important that we do what we can to look out for the species. Watch the video to learn even more about this issue.

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