Use Kitty Litter To Stop Car Windows From Steaming Up

by Barbara Diamond
Barbara is a passionate writer and animal lover who has been professionally blogging for over 10 years and counting.

As the seasons change and winter approaches, the weather tends to be a bit… oh, I don’t know… all over the place?

And those cold, early mornings before heading to work or to run out for errands are put on hold as you try and deal with your car’s various issues. If dampness fogs and clogs your windows, here’s a handy tip to help.

Fogged up windows are the result of too much moisture in the car. If you can absorb the moisture, you should fix the problem — and this simple to follow video guide should help. Who knew a sock and some kitty litter made such a magical combination?!

Courtesy of life hack pro Dave Hax, you’re about to learn a nifty trick to keep the inside of your car windows nice and clear. The key items for this simple life hack? Unused kitty litter and a sock. Together, they work to absorb the moisture inside the car.

Note: After creating your fog-absorber, place it in an open space inside your car — preferably right on top of your dashboard. Also, try cracking a window for the night may for maximum results.

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