Kitten Born With Two Complete Faces Dies At Just 4 Days Old

by Sarah Bregel
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A sweet kitten born with an incredibly rare condition has died just a few days after being born. The kitten was born with two complete faces — a syndrome called Janus.

The name comes from the Roman god Janus, often depicted with two faces in mythology. Most kittens born with the syndrome don’t live more than a day. This little guy made it four.

The kitten with two faces was known as Biscuits and Gravy. He was born on May 20 on an Oregon farm. Now his human family, the Kings, have announced that he died.

Biscuits and Gravy was one of six kittens born to Keenly, a cat owned by the King family. Biscuits and Gravy had two noses, four eyes, and two tiny mouths.

His human parents said that both of the mouths actually moved. He had only one brain stem and still was able to eat with both faces. It was actually pretty miraculous.

The family had said he was at first very lively and seemed to be doing well despite the rare condition. But the poor kitten wasn’t long for this world. Thankfully, he didn’t suffer. Biscuits and Gravy definitely won a lot of hearts in his short time on earth. He will definitely be missed!

For more about the incredible kitten and his short life, check out the video.

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