Sole Surviving Kitten Now Has A New Mom And A Happy Foster Family

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Sometimes, children, babies, cats, and dogs don’t always end up living with the families who brought them into the world.

But fortunately, there are plenty of people out there who are willing to take them in and love them just as much as their birth families would, just like this selfless adoptive mother of six.

Thanks to them, children of all sizes and species are able to have families who are filled with just as much love, support, and happiness as any other family.

This was the case for poor Eli the kitten and his selfless foster mom, Cindy, who introduced him to an entirely new cat family to love.

At first, it was unclear if Eli’s new cat mom would accept him as much as her own babies.

But fortunately, she took him in immediately as one of her own, proving that love for mothers, fathers, and children transcends blood bonds.

Check down below to see photos of the adorable Eli and his new adoptive family of felines.

[H/T: Bored Panda]

Little Eli the kitten was the sole survivor in his litter and was only 1 day old when he was found among his deceased siblings.

His mother was nowhere to be found, so the little orphaned kitten was all alone.

He was rushed to a foster home in Seattle, WA, where a cat had just had a litter of babies.

The foster family’s hope was that Eli would be accepted into her litter in place of his own.

Fortunately, the mother cat, who had actually lost her previous litter before coming to the foster home, accepted Eli with an open heart and paws.

And though he didn’t even know how to nurse since he was so young, he was bottle-fed in order to stay nourished.

Once accepted, his new cat mom, named Madeline, completely fell in love with Eli.

After he is bottle-fed, she will clean him up, snuggle him, and look after him as if he were her own.

“I keep thinking of how Madeline’s first litter of kittens didn’t survive (before she came to me)… and how Eli was the only survivor of his litter,” explained their foster mom, Cindy to Bored Panda.

The two fit perfectly into each other’s lives since they had both lost their respective cat families.

Though he had a rough start at life with no mom in site and no surviving siblings, little Eli now has plenty of foster siblings to grow up with.

He also has both a human and a feline mom to take care of him and help him grow into a healthy, happy cat.

Both Eli’s and Madeline’s amazing foster mom was able to show them that they don’t need their blood relatives in order to be a complete, happy family.

Because of her, the sweet mama cat has another baby to love, and little Eli has a new family who loves him just has much as his old one would.

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