Kitten Arches Her Back For A Great Big Stretch, But It’s Too Much For Her Legs To Handle

by Johanna Silver
Johanna is a writer who lives, works, and volunteers in New York.

Learning to walk is a pretty big deal. That’s why parents can’t wait to see their babies’ first steps.

Every little one is different, as far as the right time to start walking. Human babies start walking anywhere in between nine and 15 months, but tiny animals learn a bit more quickly.

In fact, baby giraffes essentially learn to walk the second they’re born. As soon as they’re out of the womb, their mamas start nudging them to get up on those spindly legs.

Kittens also learn how to walk pretty quickly. After three or four weeks, they’re already getting their balance down pat.

Bit this doesn’t happen without a considerable amount of stumbling — after all, everyone needs to crawl and stumble a bit before they can confidently walk.

The kitten down below is still in this in-between stage; she’s able to walk around a little but not without losing her balance or tripping all over.

The clip starts with her slinking out of her bed and making a big, arching stretch  — as most fully grown kitties do.

But she’s still getting used to her own tiny body, so the big stretch results in her tripping all over the floor, trying to regain balance.

We’re sure she’ll get this whole walking thing down any day now, but in the meantime it’s pretty funny to watch her try.

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