Teacher’s Jaw Drops When He Opens Classroom Door And Finds Students Waiting For Him With Gift

by Ileana Paules-Bronet
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Kirk Richardson, a high school calculus teacher in Texas, is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan, and he’s not shy about showing his team pride.

From classroom wall decorations to his dog’s sweater to the shoes he wears, Kirk makes it clear he loves the Cowboys.

What Kirk didn’t realize, though, was that his students love him as much as he loves the Cowboys. His students, who think Kirk is not only an amazing teacher but also an amazing person, decided to get him a gift to let him know how much they appreciate him.

One student, Akhilesh Pillai, mentioned to a few other students that he wanted to buy Kirk tickets to a Cowboys game, and without hesitating they offered to chip in money.

Even before he knew how much it was going to cost each person, Akhilesh had tens of students who were willing to pitch in. By the time he bought the tickets, 65 students had given money.

When he entered his classroom on that fateful day, Kirk didn’t expect any surprises. He laughed when he saw that all the students were standing and waiting for him, but when they handed him the tickets he clutched his heart in surprise. They even included money for Kirk and his wife to get a bite to eat and take an Uber ride home.

“I care for and love each one of my students,” Kirk says in the video below, “and for them to do something like that, it just, it really made me feel warm on the inside.”

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