Woman Hands Out Bags Of Candy On Flight, Then Passengers Read The Note Inside About Kindness

by Kristin Avery
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Carrie Grace is all about spreading kindness. This Durham, North Carolina, entrepreneur regularly holds Kindness Days in her community.

She is also the owner of the Carrie Grace Shop and The Kindness Box, a company that delivers items that uplift, inspire, and add more joy to the recipient’s life. Believe it or not, she’s only in her 20s!

This year, Carrie’s birthday happened to fall on the same day she was traveling to the West Coast. She reached out to Southwest Airlines ahead of time to plan a birthday surprise that her fellow passengers and the airline would never forget.

With the airline’s permission, she passed out “kindness” bags to everyone on her flight. The bags contained candy and special notes filled with positive messages and gratitude.

“I believe that people are good,” Carrie said. “Yes, we are going to be messy and hard on each other. But at the end of the day, I believe that people are good and want goodness for other.”

As you will see in this uplifting video, Carrie’s fellow passengers and the flight crew thanked her by singing happy birthday.

Three cheers to Carrie Grace and Southwest Airlines for spreading some kindness and joy! With all the recent negative news surrounding other major airlines, it is wonderful to see some happy air travelers!

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