Kindergarteners Lose It When Tiny Chick Hatches From Egg And Adorably Sing It ‘Happy Birthday’

by Kat Manos
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I still remember a few of the fun science experiments we did in my kindergarten class. We planted little beans in egg cartons to watch them grow, watered plants in our classroom windowsill, and examined the classroom pet – a hamster!

We never, however, got to see a chicken egg hatch. Yet a lucky kindergarten class in a video that recently went viral on Twitter did just that.

Twitter user @meaghan_fogarty originally posted the short clip with the caption: “my moms kindergarten class watching a chick hatch and then singing happy birthday to it.”

Over 160,000 retweets confirm that people can’t get enough of the amazing video!

On one hand, it’s truly incredible to watch a tiny chick break out of its little shell and experience the world for the first time. The little guy looks a bit slimey and awkward, its feathers clearly intact but still strange-looking. His neck is long and bobbling, and the kids are certainly intrigued!

On the other hand, the video is truly priceless because of the kindergarteners’ reactions. You can hear sweet little voices of encouragement from the children, supporting the chicken as he’s welcomed into the world.

The children start whispering excitedly to each other when the bird starts tweeting and it’s honestly adorable! A few gasp when his head emerges and one little boy imitates what he thinks the bird is thinking when he says, “Who are these people?”

Not long after, still as the chick is breaking out, the children begin to sing “Happy Birthday” to the sweet chick.

The moment captured by Meaghan’s mom is certainly touching and not something to miss!

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Photos: Jukin

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