Police Officers Salute Fallen Officer’s Son At Graduation

by Emerald Pellot
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Officer Alex Valadez Sr. of the Chicago Police Department would have been so proud of to see his son Alex Jr. during his kindergarten graduation.

However, Officer Valadez was killed in the line of duty in 2009. Alex Jr. was just 3 weeks old. When members of the Chicago PD got wind that Alex Jr. was celebrating this huge milestone, tons of officers showed up to give their support.

“He came out with the biggest smile on his face,” said Chicago Police Memorial Foundation volunteer Kate McMahon. “We were all glad to be there. Everyone wanted to be a part of it and support Alex. We are truly a family.”

The day was truly filled with special gestures to honor Alex Sr. and Alex Jr. The boy’s superintendent gave a special speech about Officer Valadez’s contributions to Chicago. The officers provided Alex Jr. with a special commemorative police uniform, and they saluted the boy in front of the entire school. The officers even got the boy a brand-new bike to celebrate his huge achievement.

Alex’s father may not have been able to be there that day, but that doesn’t mean he was without a father — in fact, he had several of them filling in, dressed in blue.

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