High Schoolers Find Strange Notes Stuck To Lockers And Learn All 1,600 Are Messages Of Kindness

by Gwendolyn Plummer
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It goes without saying, but high school can be tough. High school students are often going through serious changes, physically and emotionally, on top of dealing with the daily stressors of school, homework, and thoughts of college looming over everything.

Those serious stressors can take a toll on students, and many find themselves struggling with anxiety or depression due, in part, to the stresses of school. And all that can make students feel pretty down on themselves. So, students at one school in California are trying to bring a little light into what is a hard time for many.

According to KTXL Sacramento, students at Manteca High School in California are reaching out to their fellow classmates with a sort of old-fashioned gesture.

Kids came in to school to discover every single student’s locker — all 1,600 of them — was now home to an individual sticky note.

Each note said something slightly different, but all sent the same positive message. The notes said things like “you matter” and “life is a beautiful thing.”

The notes were intended as “an antidote to violence across the country,” KTXL reports. High school senior Kenji Breitenbucher told the station that the notes are important — especially now.

“School’s supposed to be a safe place, and it’s really sad to say this, but, like, it’s not,” Kenji told KTXL Sacramento. “Having a physical copy saying that you’re worth it, that you’re important… It’s everything.”

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Footage and photos provided by KTXL Sacramento

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