Kim Zolciak Claps Back At Mommy Shamers Who Slam Her For Letting 5-Year-Old Daughter Wear Makeup

by Angela Andaloro

Kim Zolciak-Biermann is used to hearing other people’s opinions about her life. The former Real Housewives of Atlanta star has lived an overexposed life, starring in several reality series.

People haven’t always been a fan of the way Kim does things, but she remains true to herself in spite of the haters. Usually, it’s just a matter of different opinions. Sometimes, the attacks get pretty vicious. Those instances are usually related to Kim’s children.

Kim is a mother to 22-year-old Brielle, 17-year-old Ariana, 8-year-old Kroy Jr., 7-year-old Kash, and 5-year-old twins Kaia and Kane. With six kids, Kim is pretty used to the mommy shaming.

She doesn’t hesitate to clap back at critics of her parenting, and the latest instance of shaming is no exception. Kim was criticized for photos of Kaia posted from the set of her show, Don’t Be Tardy. In the photos, Kaia is wearing some makeup, which caused many to take to the comment section and slam Kim for being inappropriate.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann won’t let mommy shamers tell her how to live her life. The 41-year-old mom of six is no stranger to attacks from internet trolls, especially when it comes to how she raises her kids.

The latest criticism of Kim’s parenting comes after she posted some pictures of 5-year-old daughter Kaia filming interviews for Kim’s reality series, Don’t Be Tardy. She captioned the post: “Picture of the screen ❤️ where does the time go 😭 @kaiabiermann how are you 5 already? #DontBeTardy.”

kim zolciak instagram comments

While Kim was excited to share how grown up her little girl looked, not everyone shared in her enthusiasm. Many took to the comments to say her mature looks only came from the amount of makeup Kim allowed her to wear.

kim zolciak instagram comments

Kim responded to a number of critical comments with her usual disregard for the opinions of others where her children are concerned. She let the haters know that Kaia wearing a little makeup for an on-camera appearance wasn’t a big deal.

kim zolciak instagram comments

When the accusations of how much makeup Kaia was wearing got out of control, Kim reeled them in. While critics accused her of allowing the 5-year-old to wear eyeliner, mascara, and hair extensions, Kim insisted it was just a little lipstick.

Kim is far from the first celebrity mom to come under attack for letting her daughter wear makeup now and again. Other reality star moms like Kim Kardashian and Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice have also been criticized for allowing their young daughters to do the same.

This isn’t even the first time that Kim has faced criticism where Kaia is concerned. Last year, critics slammed Kim after they believed she Photoshopped an image of the then 4-year-old and her twin brother to make the children appear slimmer.

Kim slammed the response to the images in a tweet. She wrote, “People are [expletive] SICK!! Get the [expletive] out here!! No post was taken down and no photo has been nor will ever be edited of my children! I will no longer stand for this [expletive]!”

Kim spoke about the constant criticism she gets online about her children during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live! in March. A caller asked how she handles the criticism, and Andy Cohen noted she gets a lot of it.

“I don’t feel like I do, or I don’t read it maybe,” Kim said. “I feel like I’m a really good mom. We all make mistakes and we all learn as we go. I’m very proud of all of my children. I think I’m a really good mom and nobody can really take that.”

To be fair, Kim posts pictures of her littlest ones all the time. Kaia doesn’t regularly wear makeup in these photos. She often looks like your run-of-the-mill 5-year-old, albeit with a higher wardrobe budget than most.

The criticism of Kim’s older girls falls into a gray area that you can only chalk up to the celebrity lifestyle. Is it wrong to take your daughter to get plastic surgery if she’s of age and makes the decision herself? It’s easy to judge when it isn’t a situation you’d ever find yourself in.

There’s no doubting that parenting in the social media age is extremely different from parenting during any other time. Previously, people knew little to nothing about what kind of lives celebrity children had until they came of age and told their own stories.

Kim may catch a lot of flack from her critics, but her children are happy, healthy, and well taken care of. Anything beyond that is a matter of differences of opinions. At the end of the day, parenting is a personal experience and not one that you can let your commenters guide you through.