She Wants To Look Like Kim Kardashian, Then Spends $10,000 On A New Butt

by Emerald Pellot
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Marlene Chinea is inspired by her idol Kim Kardashian. The nurse from Miami Beach, Florida decided to spend $10,291 to get a bigger butt resemble her idol.

“No matter how much exercise I did, I’d never get the results I wanted,”she said. “I was okay with my bum before but I thought a little more would accentuate my assets. I simply wanted more projection.”

Marlene wanted the ever popular Brazilian butt lift. She had to gain as much weight as possible because the procedure would take fat from other parts of her body to be injected into her backside.

For months she ate junk foods like pizza and ice cream to gain 20 pounds. The five hour procedure removed the fat gained in her arms, back, abdomen, flanks and thighs via liposuction. About four pounds of fat were transferred to her butt.

“I modeled my butt on Kim Kardashian. Kim is simply beautiful and anything she wears looks fabulous on her,” Marlene said.

She has had to revamp her closet since her skirts, shorts, and jeans are all too small now.

“I was so excited with my new body that I was sure to buy outfits that Kim K would wear. I bought a couple of bodysuits and pencil skirts like she’s always wearing,” she said.

Marlene is happy with her body but knows that many will judge her for getting cosmetic surgery.

“Many people in today’s society still ridicule plastic surgery, but I can attest that some results can never be achieved with diet and exercise alone,” she said. “I believe that my results would never have been achieved by exercise simply because of my anatomy.”

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