Kim Kardashian Breaks Her Vow To Stop Posting Revealing Selfies By Sharing Sexy Swimsuit Shot

by Madison Vanderberg

Kim Kardashian West recently announced that she’s done with selfies — a shocking statement from the woman who published an entire book on the subject.

The world collectively gasped and then did a massive eye-roll when Kim made the statement, because there’s no way Kim could maintain her brand without selfies. Kim is one of the reasons selfies are as popular as they are! Turns out, her selfie ban was only temporary, because she shared a revealing lingerie snap on Instagram just days later.

“You know, I don’t take selfies anymore; I don’t really like them that much,” the reality star told ITV’s This Morning on June 19, 2018.

“It’s not all about, like, sitting there taking selfies. I just would like to live in real time a little bit more. I don’t mind pictures, but I’m just not on my phone the way that I used to be.”

On June 21, Kim uploaded a selfie. Kim might argue that it’s a “mirror pic” and a not a “seflie,” but we think it still falls under the “selfie” umbrella. Kim captioned the sultry snap with the acronym “WTP,” which we think is a shout out to Teyana Taylor’s song of the same name, seeing as Teyana wore nearly identical underwear in her single art for “Wtp.”

Kim is the queen of selfies — we hope she never quits.

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