Kim Kardashian Shares Adorable New Photos Of 2-Month-Old Son, Psalm West

by Angela Andaloro

Regardless of how you feel about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, one thing is certain: The couple makes some seriously adorable children.

Kim and Kanye are parents to 6-year-old North, 3-year-old Saint, 1-year-old Chicago, and 2-month-old Psalm.

Kim is pretty open when it comes to her family. After more than a decade of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, it’s second nature to the reality star. That said, she’s always been a bit hesitant when it comes to sharing photos of her children as infants.

Kim’s finally getting more comfortable sharing photos of Psalm, who was born via surrogate on May 9, 2019.

The adorable little boy has the sweetest smile and cutest expressions. It’s also clear that he’s getting a lot of bonding time with older brother Saint, who seems so happy to have a little brother to dote over! Having four kids can’t be easy, but Kim’s and Kanye’s hearts seem full with their “complete” family.

Kim Kardashian’s life is busier than ever these days. The 38-year-old was once known as being a reality star and raunchy public figure. These days, Kim’s still embracing her sexiness while turning her attention to more serious pursuits, like obtaining a law degree.

Kim’s most important job, of course, is being a mom. She and husband Kanye West share four children — 6-year-old North, 3-year-old Saint, 1-year-old Chicago, and 2-month old Psalm. 

A source told Entertainment Tonight: “Kim and Kanye feel complete with the addition of their newest son. Kim has always wanted a big family, and this expansion has filled her and Kanye with so much happiness. The couple is enjoying this special moment as a family and taking the time to fully embrace each new moment that comes with this new chapter.”

The journey to the family they dreamed of wasn’t easy for the couple. Following serious complications in Kim’s first pregnancy and a near-death medical emergency while delivering her second baby, Kim and Kanye chose to expand their family via surrogates.

Their first experience with surrogacy was difficult for the couple, as they didn’t know what to expect. Kim openly grappled with her fears that her connection to her third child wouldn’t be the same as the older two because she didn’t physically carry the baby.

That all changed for the reality star when she saw her daughter Chicago for the first time. “It’s crazy how … instantly when the baby came out, there was no weird feeling that I was so nervous about, [like] ‘am I gonna feel the same way?'” Kim explained in her KUWTK confessional.

The experience was so positive for Kim that she felt comfortable using another surrogate when it came to baby No. 4. She announced that she and Kanye were expecting a baby boy during an appearance on Watch What Happens Live!

On May 9, 2019, the latest member of the West family was born. Kim tweeted excitedly, “He’s here and he’s perfect!” It was another week before she revealed her baby boy’s name: Psalm West. She even showed a quick picture of the newborn.

The first photo came with some backlash, as people warned of the dangers of the pillows, blankets, and more featured in the crib with the infant. Sources close to Kim clarified that it was just for the photo and not how the child slept nightly.

It would be another month before Kim posted another photo of her little boy. She posted a photo of the little boy sleeping with his hands behind his head. “Psalm Ye,” she captioned the laid-back picture of the infant.

A week later, Kim shared a photo of Saint and Psalm together. “My boys 🖤🖤,” she captioned the photo, which showed the 3-year-old gently cradling his baby brother’s face. The adorable picture showed the beginning of a sweet bond between the young brothers.

This month, we’ve been treated to two delightful new photos of the 2-month-old. The first shows Psalm smiling in a gray sweatsuit. It’s easy to see the physical similarities between him and his big sister Chicago, which Kim has mentioned before.

The latest photo of Psalm is another sweet peek at his close bond with his older brother. “Saint asked me to take a pic of him and his brother this morning,” she captioned the photo, which shows the older, pajama-clad boy with one arm around his baby brother.

It seems like Psalm is settling into the family nicely. Kim and Kanye are so fortunate to have been able to make their dreams of a big family come true. Many believe that they’ll stop at four kids, but whether or not they do, it’s clear that there’s more than enough love to go around their not-so-little family.