Kim Kardashian Admitted She Has A Favorite Child On ‘KUWTK,’ And Kanye Was Not Pleased

by Angela Andaloro

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are on the verge of welcoming a new little one into their family. The couple is expecting their fourth child via surrogate.

Kim and Kanye announced the news to their extended family on the season 16 premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. This season marks the first time that Kanye steps into the confessional, and fans have been curious to see how much the singer will open up.

They got their first opportunity to find out during a conversation between Kim and Kanye that kicks off the episode. In it, Kim and Kanye talk about what the family dynamic will be like with their fourth child.

They have previously revealed they are having a boy. Kim expressed how she was excited to balance out the energy in the house. She then joked about her son, Saint, being “one of [her] favorite human beings.” The off-hand comment led to Kanye expressing a surprising opinion.

This season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians has a new feature. Family members are doing two-person confessional-style interviews instead of the standard solo confessionals that have been part of seasons past.

During the season premiere, Kim was joined in the confessional by husband Kanye West. Kanye has made appearances on KUWTK before, but this marks the beginning of real, active involvement from the singer.

During the episode, Kim and Kanye announced to the family that they were expecting their fourth child via surrogate. Kim and Kanye are already parents to North, Saint, and Chicago.

Baby No. 4 will be a boy for Kimye. In discussing this, Kim mentioned Saint.

While Kanye is “pleased” to be having a boy, Kim is specifically looking forward to the balance this boy will bring.

“I’m very happy. I feel like the energy is [going] to be very balanced out,” she explained in the confessional.

Kim continued on to refer to Saint as one of her “favorite human beings.” At that point, Kanye interjected with his opinion.

“I don’t think it’s good when like parents feel like, ‘This is my favorite child,'” Kanye told Kim.

But Kim, who grew up with a mom who frequently jokes about her favorites, sees it differently.

“I think it changes. I mean, it’s reality,” the reality star explained.

“I was my mom’s favorite for a good decade, and now it’s Kylie,” she joked.

Kanye explained that he doesn’t like the idea of the kids growing up knowing one is favored over the other. Kim assured him that they wouldn’t be treated differently, so they wouldn’t know.

Kanye noted a little loophole in Kim’s reasoning. The footage from the show will let her kids hear her remarks in years to come, a fair point that Kim laughed off.

It wasn’t the first time that Kim publicly copped to Saint being her favorite. In her last birthday wish to her son, she called him “my favorite boy.”

Kim and Kanye will be welcoming their newest little boy soon. The KKW Beauty mogul recently talked about possible baby names.

She mentioned considering naming her youngest after brother Rob Kardashian. Still, she feared the “normal” choice would fall flat next to his siblings’ more unusual names.

Whatever she names the littlest one, he’ll add to the list of Kris Jenner’s grandchildren we’ll all be keeping up with for years to come. He will be the 10th grandchild for the momager. Wow!