Kardashian Fans Worry Kim And Kanye’s New Son Is In Danger After Seeing 1st Photo Of Him In Crib

by Angela Andaloro

Sometimes, the “parenting police” of the internet give unsolicited advice that isn’t necessary. After all, people should be allowed to make their own decisions when raising their kids.

Once in a while, they’ll highlight something that’s truly dangerous. Sometimes, their outcry is more about safety and less about shaming. That’s the stance fans took when they responded to the first photo of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s baby boy.

Kim and Kanye welcomed their fourth child on May 9, 2019. The happy parents didn’t reveal the baby’s name right away. A week after his birth, Kim posted a screenshot of a text message from her husband that featured a photo of baby Psalm.

While many of the early reactions were to their choice of name for their baby boy, fans who took a closer look at the photo had other concerns. Many people replied to Kim’s announcement expressing concern for the newborn, who was pictured in a crib with bumpers and blankets.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are now the proud parents of four beautiful children. The couple welcomed their fourth child, a baby boy, via surrogate on May 9.

Kim announced her little boy’s arrival the following day on Twitter. “He’s here and he’s perfect!” the reality star tweeted.

Fans were eager to learn what name Kim and Kanye would choose. With their older children having the names North, Saint, and Chicago, everyone knew they’d pick something equally unique for their youngest son.

Both Kim and Kanye are always involved when it comes to choosing the names of their children.

“Kanye is very involved in choosing the names. He and Kim do exactly what every couple does, where they each bring up names and the other one gives their feedback. It’s very traditional that way,” a source told People. “Kanye would never just choose a name that Kim doesn’t like, or vice versa. The names are things that they mutually agree upon.”

Kim revealed the couple’s choice a week after welcoming her little boy. Despite names like Bear and Robert being thrown around, Kim and Kanye decided on the name “Psalm West” for their fourth child.

Many of the initial reactions to Kim’s tweet were about the name choice. As with her other children’s names, it was pretty controversial: Some people liked it, while others didn’t.

However, some eagle-eyed fans raised serious concerns about what was going on in the picture of baby Psalm. They noted that in the photo, Psalm is lying in a crib with blankets and bumpers.

An ER doctor chimed in also expressing concern. He noted that he’s seen too many instances of improper sleep settings causing life-threatening issues.

kim kardashian new baby like crib toys

The photo was discussed on Today with Dr. Lana Gagin, a pediatrician at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She recommended, “Parents need to avoid using any soft objects in the bed, and this includes crib bumpers, blankets, pillows, soft toys (and baby positioners).”

kim kardashian new baby

She explained that the soft object can create air pockets that make it hard for the baby to breathe. Over 3,000 babies die annually from sleep-related causes, including but not limited to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

A source close to the family assured People that Kim does not have Psalm sleeping in that setup. The source explained, “It was a split-second, staged photo. As a mother of four, she very much knows how to keep her newborn safe in the crib. Again, it was staged for a photo.”

american academy of pediatrics newborn sleep guidelines

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children be put to sleep on their backs on a firm, flat mattress. They recommend not using crib bumpers, pillows, blankets, and toys.

The photo has since been deleted from Kim’s Instagram but is still up on her Twitter. While we’re sure the mom of four has things under control, it would be nice to see her signal boost the proper sleep guidelines for people who might take the photo as inspiration.

As for more kids for Kimye, it’s looking unlikely. Sources close to Kim have reported that four kids were always the couple’s plans.

Kanye seemed to allude to that in the message accompanying Psalm’s photo, where he wrote, “With the arrival of our fourth child, we are blessed beyond measure. We have everything we need.”